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Decorative Mouldings

We can provide the highest quality plaster decorative mouldings to all types of buildings. The standard of fibrous plaster available in the UK varies greatly, however we use reputable suppliers such as Troika and their crisp patterns and sharp lines will make you truly appreciate the meaning of quality.

Frescos can give a fresh dimension to plasterboard drylining.

Fresco panels

These are plasterboards with a selection of raised panel designs, which enable traditional continuous panelled walls, partitions and ceilings to be constructed easily and economically.

Lafarge Profiles

We also use Lafarge Profiles which are a range of architectural design products from Lafarge Plasterboard that allows features once only possible with wet plaster and costly one-off components to be quickly and economically achieved. The Profiles range enables the designer to use plasterboard in new and more imaginative ways, and to create interesting and pleasant living and working environments whilst meeting modern requirements for use of space and performance.

There are two Profiles powerful design solutions, Shadowlines and Softforms:

Lafarge Shadowline Profiles

These provide many opportunities for the introduction of relief and articulation to wall and ceiling surfaces: expressed joints, reveals, accented junctions, recessed panelling and stepped cornices, architraves and mouldings.

Lafarge Softform Profiles

A softer approach is possible with Lafarge Softform Profiles to create smooth curves at intersecting planes, corners, door surrounds, partition junctions and bullnose ends.


Lafarge Profiles Uplighters are a range of fittings which incorporate the stepped and rounded corner details of the Shadowline and Softform profiles respectively.

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